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Difficult Neighbors? Want to Move ASAP??

If you think you have bothersome neighbors, you may just change your mind after reading this. It is hard to say who takes the worst-neighbor-cake in this case of conflicting interests out of New York. A seventy-year-old cigar-lover has been ordered to pay his fed-up neighbors a whopping two thousand dollars each time he decides to light up a stogie in his own home! The offended neighbors -claiming that the odor from his place is so repulsive that they can’t even eat meals in their own dining room- had filed a lawsuit to the tune of two million dollars against the cigar enthusiast. Furthermore; the sue-happy neighbors claimed that the man’s excessive smoking habit had caused ear infections and breathing problems for their children! They did not get their two-mil, but two thousand dollars per offense will definitely wax lucrative if the cigars continue to burn next door; and according to the offender, they will!

Both neighbors have an almost valid argument for their hard-headedness in the cigar stand-off. However; this feud arouses many questions out of your Connecticut mover here. Shouldn’t the apartment building’s owner be at least partially responsible for the inefficient ventilation between units? Surely cigar smoke isn’t the only offensive odor capable of seeping through the air ducts. Also, if the above-mentioned children’s health issues are indeed linked directly to cigar smoke exposure, shouldn’t their parents gather up some moving supplies and relocate to a new home where the kids can always breathe clean and safe air? What an odd situation. Your Connecticut area movers hope that none of you have neighbor hostility like this. Both sides of this story seem pretty grim, and I hope one or both parties move soon for their own sake! What do you think?

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