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Basic Tips for First Time Home Buyers

If you are moving in Connecticut to a new home, as a well established professional moving company, we know what you’re going through; especially if you are purchasing a new home for the first time! So that you don’t get taken for a ride on your first home buying experience, your reliable relocation specialist in Connecticut is here to serve up some food for thought.

  • If you haven’t already, take a moment to really think about your finances. As of right now, minus the rent you pay currently, what other bills do you have? What you want to know first and foremost is how much you can afford to pay on your new home. Think about everything; cars, phones, electricity, groceries, school, vacations, everything that you pay for regularly. Come up with a budget on your new home by adding up your current regular expenses, it is simple and extremely helpful to have this information. This will enable you and your real estate agent to consider realistic options for the new home you’ll move to soon.
  • Knowing how much you can afford is a crucial bit of knowledge, knowing how to understand pricing is another bit of important knowledge for those looking to move to a new house. If you understand the variables that go into pricing a residential property, you can avoid paying more than you should on your new home. Pay attention to similar properties which have sold already. A 2500-square-foot home with a 2 car garage in your preferred neighborhood should sell for relatively the same as another 2500-square-foot home with a 2 car garage in the same area. Also, be aware of the trends in property value in your area. Are new schools or shopping plazas being built suggesting a rise in demand of your area? Or are restaurants and stores being shut down indicating a decline? Your real estate agent is an excellent source for information, don’t hesitate to take stock in his or her opinion when it comes to assessing an appropriate price for your new home. Just make sure that you are considering a home that you love, you’ll always be paying too much if you detest where you live.
  • In today’s market, foreclosures are becoming more and more common. A foreclosed property can be a golden opportunity or a nightmare-waiting-to-happen. If you may consider moving to a property which has been foreclosed upon, make sure that you make an educated decision. Foreclosure is often a sign that the previous occupants became unable to afford to make the payments on the place. What else couldn’t the previous occupants afford? It is likely that the old owners of your could-be new home skimped on basic upkeep and repair of your home which could leave you with a lot of work. You should study any foreclosed property with a fine toothed comb; leaks in the roof, pest problems, grossly overgrown lawns or gardens, items that were left behind, even malicious destruction of the property from a bitter past occupant… these are all things you should be concerned with if you may plan to move to a foreclosed upon property.

Purchasing your first home should be exciting. Buying a house isn’t rocket science, but can definitely be overwhelmingly confusing if you don’t prepare yourself for the ride. Don’t hesitate to seek expert advice for your first home purchase, any real estate advice given here from your Connecticut relocation specialists is really just basic advice. Hire a reputable real estate agent whom you can trust, and be sure to hire only reputable professional movers in Connecticut when the time finally comes to move to your beautiful new home! Good luck first-timers, from your Connecticut moving professionals!

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