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New Neighborhoods, Inc. Brings New Green Housing to Connecticut

Your Connecticut movers are excited about the partnership of The Citi Foundation and New Neighborhoods, Inc. In Fairfield County. The nonprofit housing developer, New Neighborhoods, Inc. has received a grant from The Citi Foundation to help build more affordable housing with green initiatives. With the grant the developer hopes to make more affordable, green housing that is near the commuter rail line. These projects are aimed to create more economic activity by putting people near transportation and thus more job options. Along with creating new housing, the developer refurbishes old neighborhoods to improve lower income areas. In addition to housing for working families, New Neighborhoods, Inc. creates housing for seniors as well. Your Connecticut relocation specialists are prepared to assist you in taking advantage of this new affordable, green housing.


Connecticut Fire Fighters Gear up for Annual Convention

Your Connecticut moving professionals are already planning for September’s upcoming Fire Fighter’s Convention. Whether you will be attending the big Fire Fighter Parade, or not, if you live in North Haven, you should be prepared too! On September 16th, Washington Avenue in North Haven will be closed for several hours to allow the 129th Annual State Firemen’s Convention to throw its parade. The parade is going to be huge with over 3,000 marchers participating. Your Connecticut movers, like most, admire our fire fighters, and hope the parade is a huge success!

Free Fishing in Connecticut This Saturday

This Saturday is Free Fishing Day in Connecticut. All public waters in the state will be available to residents and non-residents alike who would enjoy a great day of no-license-required fishing. Your Connecticut relocation providers think a pre-Mother’s Day fishing excursion may be a great way to kick off the weekend. After a free day of fishing, your Connecticut moving professional thinks more fishing-enthusiasts will be purchasing licenses, and that’s probably all part of the plan behind the free day! The Connecticut Department of Energy & Environmental Protection is responsible for the Free Fishing Day, and report many plans in the works to promote outdoor activities in the state.

Genome Lab Moving to Connecticut

Connecticut governor, Dannel Malloy, has confirmed that the state will begin development of a one-billion-dollar genome laboratory which will be up and fully operational in roughly twenty years. Among other great things, the lab will provide over six hundred scientist and technician jobs, not to mention put Connecticut on the bioscience map! Your professional Connecticut movers can only marvel at such a venture, Connecticut’s science-buffs will surely be celebrating the news too! Though your professional movers aren’t scientifically inclined, we do recognize the likelihood that relocation needs will come along with the genome lab undertaking. Be it equipment or scientist-residences, we look forward to the business that the states no project will bring!

Move in Connecticut for Better Schools

During a time when unemployment is nearly at its’ peak, it is often difficult to move into an affordable home with an exceptional public school district. Your Connecticut moving professionals have researched public schools that have been honored for their academic progress for the 2011 academic year. Bridgeport, New Haven, West Haven, Hamden, Norwalk, Ansonia, Stratford, Hartford, Torrington, Stamford and New Britain are all Connecticut public school that have been named “Success Story Schools” after finding significant improvement in their standardized test results. Your Connecticut moving professionals understand the importance of education in the lives of your children.

Kensington Hot Destination for Connecticut Families on the Move

Looking for a new home in Connecticut is often very involved process for families looking to relocate. Moving with children means not only finding the perfect home, but also the best community for the kids. From good schools to safe parks and neighbors, parents moving in Connecticut insist on the best for their children; and Kensington is one Connecticut town that truly has it all! The Hartford suburb has repeatedly been regarded as Connecticut’s best city for growing families. The local schools, both private and public, are considered some of the best in the country. Kensington students’ grades typically score ten percent higher than the state’s average. Kensington is also a very attractive and also a very wealthy town, your Connecticut professional movers have seen some of the most beautiful homes and landscapes relocating families within the area.

Move into Robert Redford’s Former Connecticut Pad!

Planning to move in Connecticut soon? Why not consider moving to Weston? What you may not know about Weston is that it is a bit of a celebrity-haven having been home to famous names such as Bette Davis, Rodney Dangerfield, and even Keith Richards. If you’re feeling really bouji, you could even consider moving into Robert Redford’s former Connecticut abode. Redford’s former pad was designed by architect Michael Greenberg and features barn-style walls and multiple stone fire places. The five-bedroom rustic Connecticut house was clearly meant to be a host’s house as it has several open decks and patios, a pool and spa area and lush gardens. The property is gorgeous and is a nice private place to live thanks to the extensive surrounding tree-life. Your Connecticut relocation professionals would love to be the moving company responsible for this move! The price tag on this gorgeous Weston house is a whopping 1.3 million, which is less than the price Robert Redford sold it for back in 1998, so the next proud owners will get quite a good deal on this extravagant Connecticut home!

Connecticut Local Movers Marvel Over World’s First Two-Billion-Dollar Home

Can you imagine moving into a one-billion-dollar house? How about moving in to a TWO-billion-dollar house? Your Connecticut mover is fascinated by the world’s first two-billion-dollar home located in Mumbai. Inspired by a stay in New York City back in 2005, Nita Ambani started having ideas of what would eventually turn into an abode like nothing your movers have ever seen out on the job! The skyscraper house towers 550 feet above the ground and has more than 400,000 square feet of living space inside. Nita Ambani is the wife of Mukesh Ambani who heads Mumbai’s Reliance Industries; Mukesh is also the fifth richest man in the world! Considering the wealth of the Ambani family, your Connecticut mover strongly assumes that the move into their mansion involved many moving crew members and also a whole lot of extremely valuable household items! An essentially disposable income sure can enable one to live lavishly and very comfortably, but your mover knows that even the most wealthy of people on the move are still subject to moving-related stress. Considering the massiveness of this monument of a house, there was likely much to stress over when the Ambanis were planning to move into their awesome mansion back in January of 2009. Moving stress happens even to the best of us!

Moving? Schedule an In-Home Estimate!

Finding yourself a little overwhelmed by your upcoming move in Connecticut? This is completely normal for someone preparing to relocate to a new home, but the stress can easily cause problems if you let it take over. Stress may cause you to lose sight of what is important when you are discussing your moving needs with a Connecticut relocation service provider. Rather than risking a bad moving experience resulting from a less-than-thorough explanation of your moving needs to your mover, consider scheduling an in-home estimate. Many moving companies offer free in-home estimates. An expert estimator can scope out your home room by room so that you know your moving crew will arrive completely prepared for a well-orchestrated transition on your move day.

Battle Moving Stress with Meditation: Weekly Classes in Connecticut

Planning a move definitely has its way of scrambling the mind of an average person. Your Connecticut relocation expert here feels almost obligated to tell you of a weekly class in South Windsor that could help you rid your mind of moving stress and other negative thoughts. Every Thursday evening starting at 6 o’clock, Odiyana Meditation Center will be hosting ‘Meditations for a Clear Mind.’ Classes are ideal both for beginners and advanced-level meditation buffs. Classes are ten dollars each. More information on the program is available via Your Connecticut mover hopes that you find much relief through meditation practice; however, when it comes to moving stress, the best remedy is to hire a reputable relocation service provider devoted to keeping your move simple, affordable, and hassle-free!