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Kung Fu – Atomic Superband

Kick 2014 to the curb and do some good while you’re at it !!! Come down for Kung Fu’s annual holiday spectacular at Toad’s Place in New Haven. The local tri state favorites will be playing their unique brand of fun-loving and thoughtful jam band fusion, as their web site puts it:

Proud to be firmly installed in the new-funk movement, KUNG FU is quickly popularizing their unique sonic contribution, blurring the line between intense electro-fusion, and blistering dance arrangements. Making fusion music “cool” again, the band draws on influences such as early Headhunters and Weather Report, and merges those ideas with a contemporary EDM informed sensibility. Imagine 70’s funk-fusion meets a modern dance party!

If the fantastic music weren’t reason enough you’ll be seeing this high energy quintet at the world famous Toad’s Place. This legendary venue has hosted the likes of U2, Bob Dylan and Muddy Waters. In 1989 The Rolling Stones dropped by for an impromtu set. On December 19th and 20th Kung Fu will be performing Steely Dan’s legendary breaththrough album “The Royal Scam”.

This event is no scam though, unwrapped presents will be donated to Yale Children’s Hospital or with the Marines’ Toys for Tots charity. The band wants to fill a truck with presents. His heroic efforts on behalf of children in need show his big heart, and how much he cares.

As a family owned company whose charity efforts focus on the welfare of children, we at your local Connecticut moving company salute the fine work of Kung Fu and hope that they continue to make a difference with their work.

Take it to the bridge, Kung Fu.

Our dear friend, Joan Rivers, died today. We’ve known Joan for years and have moved her nearly a dozen times, the first time being from her home in Connecticut out to her daughter’s home in California. Alex and Dionte, one of our father and son moving teams went out on that first move and they were saddened to hear the news today. Whenever a crew would come back from her home (every single time), there was an amazing smile on their face. She treated them like royalty.

While her red carpet persona as the “Queen of Mean” is well known, she was far more than the woman who called Kim Kardashian’s baby ugly and lamented a thousand Oscar night dresses. When the camera stopped rolling and the lights went out, she was a truly kind woman. If there’s one thing we know about Joan Rivers, it’s that she would want people laughing, as we’ve done so because of her so many times. We at All My Sons Moving & Storage would hope that you join us in honoring one of our favorite customers by appreciating the best joke of her entire career, that of all the comedians in the world that could have a vicious stage persona, she was the least suited.

Goodbye, Joan.

Wallace Stevens is a Pulitzer Prize winning poet who died in 1955 and lived most of his days out in Hartford, in a home on Westerly Terrace. The home of the famous poet is now for sale, and a small group of devoted investors have signed a purchase agreement with the hopes of turning the home into a Museum dedicated to Stevens’ life and work.

The group includes Alison Johnson, the author of Stevens biography, and Stevens’ grandson, who still owns some of the original furniture from his grandfathers famous home.

The museum will give people a glimpse into how Stevens lived out his day to day life, which was quite reserved from the public eye. The investors hope that people will appreciate Stevens not only as a poet, but as a man after visiting the museum.

The Hartford Friends of Wallace Stevens, an organization devoted to Stevens and his work, hopes to see these investors plans become final. The organization fears that if the house falls into someone else’s hands, then they will have no care of preserving the homes legacy, or the poet’s legacy.

The museum would be sensitive to the surrounding area, only operating a couple afternoons a week, for only a range of months like May to October. They hope to have as little impact to the residential lives of the neighbors to the home.

The house is listed at $489,900 and the investment group plans on receiving a decision by mid-August. The investment group hopes to get moving on the project as quickly as possible, because there is a lot of work to get done on the house itself in order to get the museum ready for the public.


The Sheldon-Carter Oak neighborhood residents are hopeful that an eyesore, which has been looming in the area for the last 30 years, will finally be renovated and beautified. The Capewell Horse Nail Company factory has been nothing but a decaying building with boarded windows and chain-link fences surrounding the exterior. This factory stands 3 stories tall, and its massive size that once filled the area with jobs and mass production, now only rots away before Hartford’s eyes.

However, the Corporation for Independent Living might be this building’s, and this neighborhood’s, knight in shining armor. The CIL has secured 26 million dollars in private and public funds to begin renovations on this building. These renovations will turn the rundown factory into 72 studio, one to two bedroom apartments and about 5,500 square feet of office space. The CIL expects to have all the funds by July and hopes to begin construction in August. If all goes according to plan the apartments could be open by the beginning of 2016.

The building will mostly be returned to the same look that it had when it was still a functioning factory. The only exterior difference will be aluminum windows, rather than wooden. Many of the apartments will have lofted bedrooms because of the 20 foot tall ceilings, and there will be a billiard, exercise, and a community meeting rooms on the first floor.

Recently, in 2010, a plan to renovate the factory fell short when a key investor backed out at the last second. After this the property fell into foreclosure.

This new plan will reflect the growth in the area, and further encourage its growth. If you live in the Hartford area and are planning on moving into a new apartment or home, your local moving company can help you get to where you need to go. All My Sons is committed to helping Hartford grow, and gain strength as a city.


Your Connecticut movers are excited about the partnership of The Citi Foundation and New Neighborhoods, Inc. In Fairfield County. The nonprofit housing developer, New Neighborhoods, Inc. has received a grant from The Citi Foundation to help build more affordable housing with green initiatives. With the grant the developer hopes to make more affordable, green housing that is near the commuter rail line. These projects are aimed to create more economic activity by putting people near transportation and thus more job options. Along with creating new housing, the developer refurbishes old neighborhoods to improve lower income areas. In addition to housing for working families, New Neighborhoods, Inc. creates housing for seniors as well. Your Connecticut relocation specialists are prepared to assist you in taking advantage of this new affordable, green housing.


Your Connecticut moving professionals are already planning for September’s upcoming Fire Fighter’s Convention. Whether you will be attending the big Fire Fighter Parade, or not, if you live in North Haven, you should be prepared too! On September 16th, Washington Avenue in North Haven will be closed for several hours to allow the 129th Annual State Firemen’s Convention to throw its parade. The parade is going to be huge with over 3,000 marchers participating. Your Connecticut movers, like most, admire our fire fighters, and hope the parade is a huge success!

This Saturday is Free Fishing Day in Connecticut. All public waters in the state will be available to residents and non-residents alike who would enjoy a great day of no-license-required fishing. Your Connecticut relocation providers think a pre-Mother’s Day fishing excursion may be a great way to kick off the weekend. After a free day of fishing, your Connecticut moving professional thinks more fishing-enthusiasts will be purchasing licenses, and that’s probably all part of the plan behind the free day! The Connecticut Department of Energy & Environmental Protection is responsible for the Free Fishing Day, and report many plans in the works to promote outdoor activities in the state.

Connecticut governor, Dannel Malloy, has confirmed that the state will begin development of a one-billion-dollar genome laboratory which will be up and fully operational in roughly twenty years. Among other great things, the lab will provide over six hundred scientist and technician jobs, not to mention put Connecticut on the bioscience map! Your professional Connecticut movers can only marvel at such a venture, Connecticut’s science-buffs will surely be celebrating the news too! Though your professional movers aren’t scientifically inclined, we do recognize the likelihood that relocation needs will come along with the genome lab undertaking. Be it equipment or scientist-residences, we look forward to the business that the states no project will bring!

During a time when unemployment is nearly at its’ peak, it is often difficult to move into an affordable home with an exceptional public school district. Your Connecticut moving professionals have researched public schools that have been honored for their academic progress for the 2011 academic year. Bridgeport, New Haven, West Haven, Hamden, Norwalk, Ansonia, Stratford, Hartford, Torrington, Stamford and New Britain are all Connecticut public school that have been named “Success Story Schools” after finding significant improvement in their standardized test results. Your Connecticut moving professionals understand the importance of education in the lives of your children.

Looking for a new home in Connecticut is often very involved process for families looking to relocate. Moving with children means not only finding the perfect home, but also the best community for the kids. From good schools to safe parks and neighbors, parents moving in Connecticut insist on the best for their children; and Kensington is one Connecticut town that truly has it all! The Hartford suburb has repeatedly been regarded as Connecticut’s best city for growing families. The local schools, both private and public, are considered some of the best in the country. Kensington students’ grades typically score ten percent higher than the state’s average. Kensington is also a very attractive and also a very wealthy town, your Connecticut professional movers have seen some of the most beautiful homes and landscapes relocating families within the area.